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how to do I take Cyprus's dick?


just what the fu-


very intersting game concept 7/10 would love to see a continuation or a newer game that has this mechanic


how to get past 3.78 pls?


you use the ball on the stairs


Pretty cool game, I'd prefer it be longer, but that's my personal liking, it was too short of a game and I felt as if I was speedrunning it. 7.5/10


game in ohio fr


This game was fun, very enjoyable 'strechy' experience with a sweet ending. I felt emotional and hard lol but until now theres no sounds.
Stop reading the review and go play the game already!


Help on 3.78


Me to

use the thing on the rail of the stairs

i got stuck on beezelbub


ooh nice! wish that was me.


heres a hint try something in the foyer

when i try to play, both web version and downloaded, most sprites dont load, so its jsut a black screen with a few objects showing and th edialogue. any idea what could be causing that? i just wanna play furry sex game lmao

A fun game and pretty cute at that, not much to talk about other than the clunkiness but it made up for it with the overall charm.  Still not much too special but a fun experience about someone just trying to make valentines day special. 6.5/10

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i finally got the world record with video proof

xvideos took over a week to not even approve my video so i used gave up and used vimeo

edit: vimeo link is down, i need to reupload it somewhere

edit2: video is back up :3


hot damn!!! stretching fast as fuck! Congratulations on the wr :D

what was the record time?

if youre asking what the record was before i got my pb, it was a 57.68

How to pass 7.14

talk to the demon again




Fun little game. wholesome as hell.


i cant get past 3.78


can you add extras like a extra where you are trying to put the world in you ass and when you do you then try to put the entire universe in your but so it would call it butt vore mode


what the fuck did you just say

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can someone help me get past 3.15


Once you've left the bedroom, look in the drawer to your left and you'll find your phone book.

Go to the kitchen and inspect the phone, then head outside.


This was actually rlly cute, p fun too :0 We've been looking for other fur-friends, we've got tons of nsfw and kind ppl 

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Actually sort of wholesome (holesome hehe)


My best speed run time was 1:4


Is that an anus or a vagina?


Yes, that's an anus


how do i get past 3.15


Cuckolding simulator


L bad ending 😋


Super hot and sweet and silly!


helloo could anyone give me tips on how to pass 3.78?


Go to the foyer and examine the bannister ;-)


what bannister?


the thing on the railing for the steps above the table


god what unfortunate situation, sure would hate to have to stretch out to fit a big beefy dude's cock on Valentines day~

In all seriousness this a very cute game and hot game 😁


Extremely cute artstyle and characters tho I wish there were sound


good ending

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What am I supposed to do after 6:30?

Maybe I should give up?

Yeah.. I pass to 7.14.

The ending.. was cute.


how do u get past 3.57?


Bro ☠️


who knew speedrunning porn games would be so fun


hell yeah, this rules! great time :D




Am i supposed to cry? Why am i tearing up? Dammit


i played it,took 1:30:6 then i sped run it and took 0:5:40


cute ending 🥺

very interesting


very nice


very fun

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