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buttplug, dildo, door handle, go downstairs open drawer get book call kitchen phone go outside, yellow guy, black creature, go back in to foyer, stair railing, blue guy, red guy, move the foyer carpet go down trap door, torture device, go back outside to red guy and drag all the way down. Be absolutely disappointed..

Que tengo que hacer ya no se que más


Put on android i beg you

Gostei muito, aprendi horrores, agora sei sentar, joguei com amigos, recomendo. 😯🍆🕳


so what do you do after your done with all the "friends


when last time this game update? 


Hello, could you give me a hint on how you scripted the reactive stretching, I would appreciate it a lot and would not mind contributing back. Thank you!


very wholesome ending 10/10


Wow, that so much fun and very clear mechanics!)


can someone tell me what is next after the staircase railling


SPOLER WARNING plug, dildo, door handle, hit up the friends on the phone, some where in between do the staircase and after you've done all of them its over (or smt like that)


This game was a really nice short experience. The gameplay is simple and also grips my brain by how nice it feels to make the guy take in more things in his butt. Like the weight and pace is so good as he gets more wide and finally taking in the bigger objects/dicks is satisfying. 

The ending is just also so wholesome and nice because yeah! He didn't feel up to it and it still feels nice because it wasn't really about the sex and more wanting to do something nice for the boyfriend. This was a really nice game :)


Interesting that all the males were pussies except for the demon, who then became a pussy. Then the simp boyfriend shows up, lol. But the two chicks are of course energetic, forceful and in control.


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i cant figure out what it is for passing 3.78 inches anyone know?


staircase railing




its so hot UWU


That's make me so horny, ı can't believe that


BODOQUE! what are you doing here?!?!


Make a part 2 where you need to make even BIGGER hole because ur boyfriend got his toy bigger...



He's gonna have a tiny dick isn't he


im stuck at shark boy helppppp


end of stair case

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We can all agree that this is top tier content right?


This was so cute!!!
very fun and hot game,
and i love the ending!!!


what a fun (but short) adventure, would love to see more of it


petition for a part 2 next strawberry jam sign up sheet:



we need part 2

Deleted post

isnt this kind of legal cheating? we have sex with the friends and then at the end the boyfriend doesn't even fuck us


it seems some people enjoy ntr, huh..


if you get lost after getting past 2 of the 4 dudes outside, try the staircase railing.


why was it lowkey cute would love to see more


Plsssss make android ver


spent ALL that time stretching out just for sully from monsters inc. NOT to blow my back out?!


Spoiler alert bro


Did... did i just have a fever dream

wooooahhh hwoooooohj yeyaaaaahhh owoooohhh 


right after i call in the bois


im stuck


speedrun time: 1:51,93

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how i got 2:14



not gonna lie amazing plot and when part 2?

желательно с большими гранями! как у самсунга 

Samsung CS-29K5WTQ


Дабавьте туда телевизор!


speed run mode when?

I'll do it.


is this a gay game or hetero


obviously gay? he's stretching his ass out for his boyfriend


quite hetero actually !


i believe the character is genderless, so if anything i'd say this is a queer game


I'd like if you press "I'm a minor" it send you to Youtube kids 

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