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This game is extremely NSFW. It contains sex scenes featuring Male/Male couples and an emphasis on fetish content. You must be over 18 to play.

Join dominant Tigerman Jasper and his submissive boyfriend Varahn in their Halloween plans to uncover the secrets of the mysterious haunted brothel! What strange fantasies will be uncovered in this kinky cathouse? Whatever comes it's sure to be a spooky, saucy and romantic night~

Thanks for taking a gander at the game! I hope you're liking it so far, since more content is being added each month! If you enjoy seeing Varahn & Jasper in all these kinky scenarios, please consider helping us create even more content for the game by becoming a Patron over at the PastryGames Patreon!
As a Patron, you'll unlock access to the latest builds with exclusive content, and be able to see devlogs with update plans and sneak peeks at our latest NSFW work.

If you're new to the game, then please check out our latest public demo of the game found here!

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by! I hope you'll enjoy your stay at the Haunted Brothel!

Release Schedule

Resident-Tier members of the PastryGames Patreon receive a new update each month. Public releases are currently three updates behind the Patreon version, and are released later in the month.

Note on 3/03/22: Due to recent development difficulties the release schedule is being re-evaluated. More news soon!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(299 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Adult, Bara, Erotic, Furry, Gay, LGBT, Male protagonist, NSFW
Average sessionAbout an hour


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THWETHB_0.14p.zip 126 MB
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THWETHB v0.12p.zip 115 MB
THWTHB v0.11p.zip 108 MB

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I'm not sure how to best phrase this, and I'm worried about sounding too hostile or negative. But it does kinda take me out of it when every other line (roughly) is something along the lines of "I am consenting and we are merely roleplaying!". Like, that's not really roleplaying at that point, because there is no way to be immersed in the fantasy. It's the "constantly wink at the audience" equivalent for BDSM. And hey, fair enough, a lot of people like that. Sometimes I like things like that. Just maybe not in this particular flavor and context. I like the design of the main duo though.

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Hi Vividity, thanks for the honest feedback! I want the Haunted Brothel to have a cozy take on BDSM content, so I won't change the level of consent between the characters, but I can see what you mean.
I also enjoy BDSM fantasies a lot! So I want the ones that appear in the game to be hot for folks with similar tastes. I appreciate hearing your experience with the game <3

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someone know how to get the other miscellaneous scene, not the bull the other?, i already have all the characters unlocked and all the other events done and just miss this please.


this i mean

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I understand that there are no plans for an iOS port and I would like to try and run this on an emulator, however, the itch.io client/website won't download it straight to my computer's files. Are there any other locations where I can find the downloads?  If it doesn't feel right giving access to someone who is not a patreon subscriber, I fully understand and am not trying to compromise your business.

I badly wanna play this but windows can’t run on an iPad Pro XD been trying to download this with every fiber of my being lol


aaah I'm sorry to hear :( There are no plans for an Ipad/Mac port. I hope you can find a way to play it soon!!


Oh that’s too bad 3: but I’m sure I’ll find a way in this distant future :p

Deleted 42 days ago

Once you've talked to the couple outside the giant stone door, head to the credits plaque in the pondside area. You should be able to get it after reading the plaque.

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is he no longer doing ANY public builds anymore?

the public is 11 builds behind.... like wtf

Why we got another patreon aimed project ;-; I cant afford or even try to buy because visa is blocked in russia bruh

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How to enable Fullscreen?


will there be a mac version?


Great game


That day when this game had a mobile version, remember to call me, because I don't have a computer and this is my pain.


getting kinda worried. I hope your ok pastrygames

haven't seen a public update in more than 4 months. usually your so consistent.

Regardless i hope all is well, and we're all patiently waiting. your content is definitely worth the wait 


they uploaded something on the patreon back on October 4th. i think they are good.

(ngl i was worried too but im glad they are ok)

(1 edit) (+2)

im still worried. two months later and... silence. 

I cant afford the patreon, (unemployed), so any information they'd have there im unable to see

I just hope they're ok

new update dropped, they live for certain lol.


lol yeah! hope it didn't cause much stress. I appreciate the concern!


Your game seems pretty fun ! Could I do lets' play videos on it ? (for This Halloween? We're Exploring the Haunted Brothel! and Help! I Need to Stretch Out For Valentines Day!  knowing that I'm posting it on porn website and making a bit of revenues from the ads)

Absolutely! I always love to see people playing my games. Thanks for asking in advance too <3


Well, patreons now are at 0.22 already?

Hello ! I just finished playing your 0.14 public release, first of all, awesome concept, your animations are so cute/hot (even the tiny ones like the moving around sprites), loves the nsfw scenes. I just have a few notes if you're okay with it :

- The item/clothing menu was a bit buggy (sometimes it would lock itself down, it was a bit hard to navigate)
- Loved all the characters !! I love seeing a wholesome couple as main characters. (and the MUSCLES !!!)
- Maybe having a map of the places you've visited could be helpful ? (I have a really bad sense of direction lmao)
- THANK YOUR FOR THE CONSENT, it's kinda rare in nsfw games

Anyway these are just personal notes/suggestions, I will definitely buy the full release (can't afford Patreon rn sadly :() Thank you for your work, can't wait to see what's next !


Heard there was watersports in the game, where is it?


Yes I guess there gonna be cause for what else crystal clear water needed here  maybe it’s gonna be in version 0.22 but it’s patreon version maybe higher

Far as I know, its for the big rhino guy and that's it

Are you accept translate ? I willing to translate it.


idc abt the NSFW, this game is just like really fucking cute, like actually if youre planning on making any future projects in the future please do. it doesnt have to be nsfw but youre writing, art style, everything is really good and id support and pay for any future games <3


That's such a nice thing to hear! thanks so much, I'll do my best to keep it up <3

The suitcase scenario keeps on resetting so if I check the Misc. section of replay it says empty and when I go to the foyer the suitcase goes back to its original position. Is this a bug or an actual feature


That's intentional. It was a quick way of getting that scene finished, I meant to go back and fix it so that the scene moves to the gallery afterwards, but I got lazy, hahaha.


Can this game be adjusted in Chinese



is there any way to put it in fullscreen (windows) ? also love the game!!


Puede descargar en android? 


hello. im loving this game so far! the characters r cute, sexy too, n the animations r really hot.

there's some scenes like the baggage and shower ones that don't show up in the gallery for some reason

i also don't know how to get neither the 3rd scene with jasper n varahn (which is the only one i'm missing as of rn) nor the 1st "miscellaneous" one. any help, please?


Will there ever be a android port


I can't predict when, but It's something I want to do.


any hints on where to find the costumes in version 0.14?


i can't find the ghost hideout for the halloween costumes i searched the whole hotel. can someone help me


I cant believe its finally updated -_-


After talking to the ghost for the halloween party I can't seem to find the guests who supposedly can get me the costumes.


to much muscle , need beauty

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hey, im assuming most everyone has figured it out by now, but i cant seem to figure out how to initiate the second scene with the gargoyle? the camcorder says i have one i havent seen, but i cant figure it out.

all he says is "May you fare well in the next trial"

how do i initiate it?

its not with gargoyle, theres a set of steps to do:

1 sleep in the bed in your room

2 talk to the people that appear next to your room

3 talk to max (the receptionist)

4 use the object they gave in the middle of rooms 665 and 667

5 sleep in the bed

i think that is what you are looking for(sorry for bad english)

Acabo de descargar el juego y me pareció increíble, tiene muy buenas ideas, y los personajes me encantaron. 

En verdad espero que sigan con el buen trabajo, y que arreglen el rendimiento y errores del juego. 

Además de felicitarlos me gustaría preguntar, el NPc que se encuentra en la habitación siguiente a la tienda de pociones, el que menciona que "necesita hidratarse", tiene acciones o interacciones programadas, ya que le di ya todas las pociones y en ningún me salta ningún efecto o diálogo. 


Thanks so much! Very happy you're enjoying the game <3
Oh! That's very strange. You should be able to give that NPC the Spring Water item. It's the one in the lower-right corner of the Potion Shop. If that doesn't work then it must be a bug. I'll take a look on my end to make sure it's still working for me.


Query, how do you use any of the potions on Varahn or Jasper? They always just give a prompt that you "can't use it here"


Unfortunately, that's your answer! At the moment there are only a few potions that can be used, and they have specific purposes around the brothel. There are no scenes associated with using them on Varahn or Jasper.


awww, damnit....


ayyyyy, new update :))

(1 edit)

dont think its a bug but just cannot find the incubuss

No version I try will correctly show any scene selected from gallery. The GUI and text is missing and any scene will just switch to grey.

whenever i play this game, i play like 6 minutes and the program auto close, not only that the gallery i can not see any CG i have played so far only black screen


BDSM scene after finishing you're stuck out of bounds.


Hey, is everything ok with you Pastry? I haven't seen any activity in a while. Are you still working on this or has it been abandoned?


Still working! There's been an update each month over on the Patreon. I didn't mean to disappear or anything, I guess I'm just not great at keeping regular posts over on the itch.io page, eheheh.


lol, yea, I understand. I'll visit the patreon now for the monthly public updates then. Have a good day, and thanks for bringing these two horny idiots into my life. 


D'aww, thanks for saying <3 Appreciate you checking in on me, too!


Scene with Lemon on gym is not launching

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